Tray plants

Our goal is to create uniformity in stock material at the cultivation of tray plants. Automation by mechanical trans planters is booming and to realize the right plant at the right time is the biggest challenge. We sow our stock material in the West Plant System. All tray plants can be grown in different 40 * 40 trays, namely: WP144 and WP224. The fact we are well advanced in the field of automation, does not mean that we can’t offer customized solutions to you as well.

In addition to our cultivation area under glass we have a field to harden off as well. This enables us to supply hardened off plants on request.

Timely transport
Transport is our passion and our transport manager makes it a priority to deliver your plants at your company whenever you want them to be delivered.

Cabbage and leafy plants

The specialization of our company varies from vegetable plants to different types of cabbage and other leafy plants. A selection of the tray plants which we cultivate: cauliflower, red cabbage, white cabbage, Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage, pointed cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi. In addition to that, we have the ability to cultivate products under hot conditions. For our customers is this an excellent opportunity to produce a top quality celery.

Flexibility in delivery
When the weather is not so good in Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland or the Netherlands and you wish to receive your tray plants one week later? With our conditioned rooms and a field to harden off, we are able to acknowledge seasonal influences and possible modification of the agreed delivery date. Of course, all this is done in close consultation with our customers.

Wondering how we can cultivate your tray plants optimally and perhaps biologically SKAL and Vita Certa? Please contact Ton. Whether it’s chives, celery or various types of cabbage or leafy plants, he is the expert in the field-scale horticulture.

Would you prefer to speak to us personally?

Please call +31 162 67 33 60. For the House & Garden section, please call +31 162 67 33 74.

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