Tomato plant

WPK in the Netherlands is an authority in the field of cultivation of tomato stock material. We are proud that we can count a number of top players in ‘tomato land’ to our faithful customers. Since we introduced the grafting technique in the Netherlands first, WPK has considerable experience with this. Traditionally we are therefore specialized in the cultivation of particularly fine families of tomatoes.

Traditional cultivation
The stock material for traditional tomato cultivation grows from November to mid-January. All our locations are equipped with tidal floors and assimilation lighting 6000 lux. Due to these good technical conditions, we are able to optimally control the growth process.

In addition to that, we use a growth model which is developed by WPK. This ensures that that the plants will be planted at the desired time.

Special wishes

Are you looking for grafted tomato plants with 1, 2, 3 or 4 buds? We are specialized in the production of tomato plants with multiple heads. Are you wondering if this could be interesting for you, please contact Erik, Eviek or Wilfred.

Exposed cultivation
With the rise of the exposure in the production of tomatoes the period of cultivation of stock material shifted to August till October. Because of the fact we have many customers who produce under assimilation lighting, WPK is leader in the cultivation of exposed plant material.

Plant requirements are central in the cultivation process. Through the experience of our production people and the use of a self-developed growth model we are able to deliver development which you need as a customer. We are experienced in the delivery of flowering tomato plants, which have been pollinated by bumblebees at our cultivation sites.

Hygiene during propagation
Hygiene is of vital importance! Thanks to our longstanding experience in growing and grafting tomatoes, we know better than anyone how important hygiene is. We see it as a challenge to cultivate your vegetable plants within the strict rules imposed by the government. We also attach great importance to our own health policy, so the risk to obtain diseases is reduced to a minimum.

Wondering how to get the most from your tomato plants? We will be happy to help and advise you!

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