Pepper plant

The customer determines the perfect pepper plant. In addition to that, we provide the perfect plant balance during cultivation. We are also actively engaged in looking collectively at the cultivation strategy, sowing date and delivery date. This will lead ultimately to your desired end product.

Growth process pepper plant
We can only grow an excellent pepper plant by working with quality products and by responding selectively to the growth process. Through tidal floors, underfloor heating and assimilation lighting we provide a uniform delivery. WPK has 45 departments in which we can create an optimal environment for your pepper plant. In dialogue with the customer we work towards the correct delivery date.

Grading and uniformity
To monitor closely the growth process of the pepper and to respond to the needs, most pepper plants seem very similar. In order for you to transplant the required pepper plant with the right content, all seedlings are sorted according to size by our 3D camera. This will also ensure the uniformity of your delivery.

Are you interested in healthy pepper plants with sufficient content for your own cultivation? Erik, Eviek and Wilfred, are pleased to tell you more about the possibilities in an initial informal meeting.

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