Fruit Crops

We consider eggplants, melon plants and pepper plants as fruit crops. These are hot vegetable plants which we cultivate alongside tomato, (bell)pepper and cucumber plants.

Eggplant Plant
Eggplants can be delivered, just like tomato plants, both as grafted and as ungrafted. You as customer decides from the choice of various rootstocks. Of course you will be well advised by your regular contact at WPK. We ensure that your eggplant plant has sufficient capacity on the date of delivery.

Melon Plant
Many hot vegetable growers are limited to the cultivation of tomato plants, pepper plants and cucumber plants. WPK goes one step further in the cultivation of melon plants. These plants are completely tailored to your needs and can even be grafted. By maintaining close contact with our customers and to use our production facilities, we achieve our goal together.

Pepper Plant
Also in the field of pepper plants we distinguish ourselves. Whether it’s red, green, yellow, Turkish and Surinamese peppers, we can meet your needs. Even the grafting of the pepper plant is possible. The peppers can be grown on different substrates such as rock wool, coir, perlite or potting soil.

Other fruit crops
Do you need the cultivation of a fruit crop which we didn’t designated specifically on this website? Please contact Erik, Eviek or Wilfred. Together with you we will check whether we are able to meet your expectations. At WPK we have a broad knowledge area, which we use to proactively think in solutions, so we can always respond to you

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