From seed to seedling and from seedling to plant, each stage of the cultivation process is characterized by its own dynamics. The entire process of seedling to plant may vary from about 15 to 70 days. In order to continue to offer consistent quality, we only work with high-quality seeds and substrates. The seeds we use are GSPP certified.

3D sorting
After sowing, the seeds will be germinated in the seed section, after which the seedlings are automatically selected by a 3D-sorter. This machine is developed in close collaboration with Flier and WUR. (Wageningen University). By using the unique sorter, the batch is divided into up to three sorts. This makes it possible to deliver a smooth, uniform batch of plants.

After the selection, the seedlings are planted or grafted. The cultivation is done with different surfaces, so the vegetable plants can be grown and transplanted into blocks of rock wool, coir, perlite or potting soil. Depending on the type of plant, the plants will be planted during the process or will be moved. The required quality of the plant is hereby always taken as a starting point.

Organic cultivation

Are you interested in organic cultivation? Please ask about the possibilities to grow your plants SKAL or Vita Certa. By the monitoring of SKAL it is ensured that the biological propagation actually is biological. Vita Certa is the A-label of MPS-Fruit & Vegetables and is restricted to growers who achieve the highest scores in terms of durability, reliability and hygiene. Your contact within WPK for organic cultivation is Ton Zwinkels.

Hygienic cultivation
WPK has special decontamination robots, which automatically disinfects containers, trays and pallets. This allows us to use disinfected logistics carriers, all in order to exclude the risk of diseases.

For cleaning the carts we have also set up a special car wash. As hygiene is of vital importance for us and for our customers, we have provide a water IQ installation in 2016. The system ensures that the water is for 99.5% free of viruses, fungi and pesticides.

Would you prefer to speak to us personally?

Please call +31 162 67 33 60. For the House & Garden section, please call +31 162 67 33 74.

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