Cucumber plant

Because of the fact that the demand of the type of cucumber varies per growing region, WPK is able to adjust its positions. It requires a different approach to cultivation than other vegetable plants, as the cultivation of the cucumber plant has the shortest period of time involved out of all the vegetable plants. We can grow your cucumber plants in various substrates such as rock wool, coir, perlite or potting soil. These plants could be delivered with 1 or 2 buds. Grafting the cucumber plants is a possibility as well.

Prior interview with cultivation specialist
Before we start the cultivation of your plant Eric or Wilfred will have an interview with you to discuss your wishes and expectations. Choice of variety, plant age, way of delivery and trials are options that will be discussed in this conversation. We translate your wishes clearly and we take proposed flowering date and day of harvest into account. Special wishes can also be made during this conversation.

Healthy cucumber plant
Also for the cucumber plant, we adhere to strict rules on hygiene. In our greenhouses we have assimilation lighting, floor heating and energy canvasses to ensure optimal plant growth. In this way the plant can ultimately grow into the perfect cucumber plant for your cultivation. We guarantee that the plants have the necessary capacity available before they leave the WPK greenhouses.

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