Vegetable cultivation

WPK is an authority in the field of vegetable cultivation in Europe, principally engaged with the cultivation of vegetable plants for professional greenhouse horticulture. In addition, we cultivate tray plants for field-scale horticulture. This makes our product range exceed from grafted tomato plants with 1, 2, 3 or 4 buds to chive and onion.

Manageable propagating process.

Due to extensive statistical analysis of the growth process, the nutrition and light are a large part of the cultivation of vegetable plants. This ensures that we deliver the best possible plant quality. Our challenge is to produce customized products for our clients. You ask, and we will produce. We will use our growth model and monitor your plants throughout the rearing period. Therefore we are able to adjust during the period (if necessary) and to better forecast when the plant will meet your requirements.

Wondering how we can support you in optimizing the growth of your plants? Please contact Wilfred. Together with Wim he makes a proper assessment for you which plant model fits best. Wim is as head of cultivation responsible for the overall cultivation within WPK.

“During the high season it is a top priority to work as intensively as possible for clients and plants. I think it’s important that the team supports and supplements each other. Hectic times ask for good cooperation and I believe we manage to have that. It’s a real family business.”

Responsible cultivation

In 2016, WPK invested in a water-IQ installation system, which ensures that the water is 99.5% free of pesticides, fungi and viruses. Result being the perfect base to optimize the production of your hot vegetable plants and tray plants.

In this way we meet the statutory standard in the field of water treatment and we operate in an environmentally conscious manner.

In order to optimally control all processes, we are ISO 9001, MPSA and MPS-SQ certified. We are also affiliated with Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFFP). We work according to the guidelines proposed by GSPP.

Please ask us about the possibilities for the cultivation of biological propagation material.

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Please call +31 162 67 33 60. For the House & Garden section, please call +31 162 67 33 74.

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