The new look of WPK!

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As Erik van der Arend (CEO WPK) told everyone, he would like it to remain the same. Erik thought the current look was fine: “It stands out just great.” Eviek, Erik’s wife has constantly campaigned to introduce a new house-style. As in any household, it should be clear who is in charge in these kind of situations. Indeed, Erik had to surrender at the beginning of this year.

When the first drafts were completed, Erik, luckily was excited as well! Now the old logo have made way for the new one. With this new look WPK shows to the outside world that the company is heading in the right direction and has grown over the years. A modern company which values the customer, product quality and the entire team.

Welcome! Via our chocolate telegram you found the new website of WPK. We proudly present you the new face of WPK. As you can see, our familiar colour combination of black, red and white made way to a fresher green, white and blue. You are already used to the blue colour, which is the colour of our trays. A part of the website is used for our department flowering potted plants ‘House & Garden’.

Besides our company information and our range of vegetable growing or potted plants, you can end up in the 60’s on this new website. You can get to know the faces behind WPK who day in and day out ensure that we can provide the basis for your success. Finally, you will of course also find our contact information.

Have fun, and … don’t linger to long in the sixties!

Would you prefer to speak to us personally?

Please call +31 162 67 33 60. For the House & Garden section, please call +31 162 67 33 74.

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