Special tray plants

Like no other we know that your plants must be durable and sturdy. The plant has to endure wind, rain, frost and heat. We ensure that your plants are grown under the best conditions. This way, we are able to provide plants which will be the basis for your success.

Chives and onions
The cultivation of onions and chives is done in a different way than the cultivation of some of our other tray plants. It makes use of other sowing wheels, which allows us to sow quickly, efficiently and uniformly. The sowing wheels have the ability to use a mixture of different grain sizes.

Celery is very different than the other cabbage and leafy greens which are grown at WPK. A separate section is arranged by us to cultivate the celery in a warm temperature. In this way the plant is never below 18 degrees and sprouts is eliminated substantially.

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