Tomato plants are delivered to Combi Vliet phase 4

  • Tomato plants are delivered to Combi Vliet phase 4

Source: CombiVliet

On September 5, WPK has delivered the first plants for the new greenhouse of CombiVliet phase 4. An extreme tight schedule has been made adhered to. Since all plants were quite big, they couldn’t be kept without water for too long. Certainly not with the high temperatures of that week.

Because the plants had to be in their desired location within a certain time, the entire greenhouse was filled up in a number of days. After they were put in the plant hole, the dropper was stabbed in and the plant could absorb water and nutrients as required.

Finally, the plants were secured on the high wire hook by CombiVliet, so the coming year they will grow in the right direction. The plants are trained by a wire, which will be rotated around the plant every day.

Our plants are ready to grow at CombiVliet!

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