Maarten van de Rijt has been working for over 20 years at WPK in Made and is responsible for the labour. “The planning of suitably and qualified people during the year is for me the biggest challenge. I think it is good to see when people are given the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning, develop and grow to tackle new challenges within the company. We have seen some good examples at WPK.”

The WPK team consists of very competent and experienced staff. WPK has 50 permanent employees. To deal with busier periods of the year we are working with flexible employees on a temporary basis. The number of flexible employees varies from 30 to 150 employees. The work within WPK is diverse and varied. Thanks to the different crops, the work changes at least three times a year. The permanent employees undertake different kinds of labour and are in this way very versatile.

Employees of WPK describe the corporate culture as stimulating, inspiring and enterprising. Especially strikingly is the positive work environment and long-term employment.

WPK is regularly offering traineeships to graduating students in the field of horticulture, logistics and administrative processes.

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