Core values

The company’s dynamics requires what we refer to as confidence. We work together in a collegial way and enjoy cooperating with colleagues, customers, and all other parties involved. By using our professional colleagues, focussing on customer needs and realization due to tight processes, we make sure that we are a reliable partner for all parties. To us confidence means ‘a deal is a deal’.

The cultivation of your high-quality products is secured by our loyal team of professional employees. We work by using the LEAN start-up method, which means everyone within WPK is involved in the daily improvement process. In this way development of the expertise is stimulated directly from the work floor.

Our inquisitiveness and curiosity means that we can respond in a progressive way to trends and developments. Together with knowledge institutions from the sector, we follow the latest developments closely. In addition to that, every day we strive to do things even better than the day before.

During the cultivation we strive for excellence. An important tool is our extensive database with data growth. In addition, all procedures are defined in our quality management system, pursued by all employees within WPK. Therefore we are able to produce what you expect from us.

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Please call +31 162 67 33 60. For the House & Garden section, please call +31 162 67 33 74.

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