Cooperation with customers and partners is inextricably linked to WPK. To provide customization to customers, intensive cooperation is necessary.

When there is space left, there is a strategic collaboration with leading partners in the industry as Florensis and Perry v/d Haak. On an annual base both companies use greenhouses of WPK. In this manner, the cultivation surfaces are utilized as effectively as possible.

In case of shortage of space in peak periods, we have the possibility to divert to the company Sjaak van Schie for the propagation of hot vegetable plants. An important partner for employee deployment is the agency WH Personeelsdiensten. Thanks to the good cooperation WH Personeelsdiensten knows exactly which people are required to perform at the top level and to absorb the peaks in the high season.

For customers in Denmark and Sweden WPK cooperates with Seedcom, for customers in France WPK cooperates with Graines Voltz and in Switzerland with Landi.

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