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Solar power projects WPK and Van der Lugt

Nearly two years ago (november 2014) WPK and Van der Lugt registered with three projects for the highest tranche of the SDE + subsidy on solar…

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Tomato plants are delivered to Combi Vliet phase 4

On September 5, WPK has delivered the first plants for the new greenhouse of CombiVliet phase 4. An extreme tight schedule has been made adhered to…

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Progress of the construction Made 2

So far the construction is progressing well, although it is always exciting until the last moment: Will everyone be ready on time and can we…

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Green entrepreneurship with OptiClear Diamond plant

For years we have not discharged water anymore into the ditch. As we work with plant protection products, which must not reach the vegetable plants…

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Do you distinguish yourself in the field of tomato experience: taste, shape and colour?

Are you aware of the fact that somewhere in Westland an extraordinary race of tomatoes are being cultivated in a test greenhouse? A test greenhouse…

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Our horticultural business is like a hotel

Entrepreneurship in horticulture is like top sport. Eviek van der Arend, commercial and financial director of Westland Plant Nursery (WPK) knows…

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